Nature And Good Karma

Nature And Good Karma  

100% Natural  

Inspired by the best of Nature

Argan oil Collection

The complete skin care set

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Skin detox

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Skin detox

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Skin detox

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Moroccan Black Soap

The Benefit of the Hammam on your home


            100% Natural, fair trade products,

Proudly Canadians

We believe that beauty

It's about feeling good and doing good

100% Vegetarian & Animal Curtly free

Because Natural is in our DNA.
We always keep people, animals and the planet in mind.

Moroccan Black Soap

Rhassoul Clay (Ghassoul) - Clara's Bazaar
Rhassoul Clay (Ghassoul) - Clara's Bazaar
Triple Butter & Argan Oil. -Our best-selling, award-winning-. Whipped Body Butter - Clara's Bazaar
Pumice stone (argil) - Clara's Bazaar


Wow, excellent products!! Besides being excellent, they are very pretty!!! Recommend 100%"


Julia La Rosa


December 6, 2018

OMG I love this company. Customer service is awesome. Went above and beyond to get my products to me. Very friendly and knowledgeable about the products they ha..."

Sherry Brake


March 22, 2019

"Cats and Crows est aussi économique et donne un éclat naturel.Ca

Ça rend la peau très douce,c'est une réelle nourriture pour la peau."


Nicolas Nsekuye


June 7, 2019

"love, love, LOVE this Whipped Body Butter! First time using something "whipped" before. And it was really weird, the texture and how it smooths in to your skin. But the smell is AMAZING. I'm sensitive to smells and really strong ones give me a headache, but this Body Butter has such a light Lemon Scent. It's amazing, and very pleasing."

Amazon Customer

April 17, 2019

"First of all I love the smell, kind of like orange creamsicle thanks to the orange blossom. It’s very creamy and absorbs into the skin like a dream. Nothing sticky or greasy about it. Love that it’s local and has natural ingredients. Amazing stuff that’s perfect for this hideous cold dry weather. But I would also use it for the summer since it’s so awesome! Natural, moisturizing and local - what more could one ask for?!"

    Frankie Meister

April 2, 2019

"I am so excited to find this body butter after trying several other expensive brands. After Cancer treatments was looking for a good skin treatment to get my skin back to soft condition. I think I found It, It has a lovely soft, citrius smell. Grainy at first but absorbs well into the'skin and leaves skin feeling soft. Love that it has natural ingredients and is handmade. Came well packaged and had a lovely ribbon as if gift wrapped, nice touch. Like the name, Cats and Crows, two of my favorite creatures! Highly recommend!!"

                      Gardengirl                      May 9, 20191

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