The transition to a natural hair routine


Transition benefits for the hair and the scalp

Transform Your Hair with Impressive Growth, Silky Softness, and Effortless Management! Free of Silicone and Occlusive Agents, Your Hair Gets a Breath of Fresh Air and Regains Health!

Many people who have switched to organic or natural shampoo have reported faster hair growth. This is due to the release of capillary fibers from chemical suffocation, leading to a boost in hair production.

Revitalized Growth: See hair grow back around the face that previously broke before reaching its full potential, adding volume to your look.

A Quick reminder

Conventional shampoos contain silicones, quats or even mineral oil. All this is used to sheath your hair, to shine it, to make a dressing effect to hide what is wrong without repairing it.
Your hair therefore looks very beautiful, but it can suffer underneath. And when you wash your hair with a Natural Shampoo, you get rid of the excess silicone at the same time. And the more it disappears, the more the true nature of your hair appears. Your normal, unadorned hair that you were not used to.

A "clean" shampoo that leaves the hair just clean without damaging it is the basis on which any natural routine rests, and which makes it possible. And that's all you need to ask for a shampoo. The moisturizing, nourishing or detangling actions are done before or after washing.

The transition objective

The objective of the transition period will be multiple. First of all, regulate the production of sebum in your scalp, whether it is insufficient (dry hair) or too much (oily hair). At the same time, you have to wait until your hair is completely rid of silicone residues and other occlusive agents. You can then see their real state and start to set up a skincare routine according to their needs which will complete your ideal organic or natural routine

- Stop using your conditioner  1 or to week before switching to             natural hair routine
- Don't use our Shampoo bars in hardwater area. our natural bars         
not working in hardwater Do to mineral in this water. 


Keep all heating devices away from your hair (this is valid advice for all hair types). If you really want to use your hair dryer, you lower the temperature to medium, and you use it exceptionally.

We also avoid running our hand too often through our hair, otherwise it will excite the sebaceous glands and produce sebum, we just do a little massage while shampooing.

Go progressif
Indeed, if you use raw products directly to wash your hair, it will not be washed since the silicones will form a barrier. If you also use vegetable oils that are difficult to rinse off as a treatment, you may experiencing have a sticky hair. As I pointed out previously, the worse the composition of your old products, the longer and more difficult it will be to go natural. Indeed, some people do not even feel the effects. Since the vast majority of conventional shampoos are made with sodium  sulfate, the amount of silicone in your old routine will be a particularly important factor.

So a smoother way to approach the transition is to start it off by already lightening your conventional routine. This allows you to finish your products first, and to feel the effects of the change less abruptly. Start by gradually eliminating "care" such as conditioners and masks.

The hairbrush is your friend

Can be a great ally in your fight against oily hair. When you brush your hair, the brush distributes the sebum along your lengths, which limits excess on the scalp and hydrates the lengths.

So we brush our hair every day, with a comb or a wooden brush, head upside down to loosen the roots, from the tips to the roots to avoid creating knots and breaking the hair. Have you always heard that you shouldn't use a bristle brush? This is true for the iron pimples, which attack the scalp, which therefore secretes sebum to protect itself. No risk with the wooden pins which massage the scalp to stimulate blood flow

Cut it
It might be a terrible step for you, but you have to face the facts, you have to cut it. There is a very simple reason for this need. It is more than likely that your ends are badly damaged and a broken hair cannot be repaired, being dead material. When advertisements boast of being able to repair split ends, they only talk about depositing silicone in damaged parts of the hair for a dressing effect. No repair therefore. And that's normal since a broken hair is bound to stay that way.

Cutting your hair will help speed up the transition phase, since your lengths can never look as good as healthy hair. If cutting your hair is really too much of a hassle, do it gradually until all the unreachable material is gone


Greasy hair 

Known for its washing and softening properties, rhassoul is the ally of oily hair because of its many minerals which absorb and regulate excess sebum. Presented in  powder form, it can also play a soothing role for scalps prone to dandruff or prone to itching.

Help  restores volume, shine and softness to the hair, it is also very suitable for fine. Natural, it has the advantage of not containing any surfactant (note: a detergent agent, generally responsible for the formation of the foam of "classic" shampoos), which makes it a product appreciated by followers of no-poo, this method of washing hair without shampoo.

How to use rhassoul?

Rhassoul can be used as a hair mask.

The right recipe: mix the rhassoul powder in a bowl with a little lukewarm water until you get a smooth paste. Remember to use wooden utensils, because the metal alters the properties of the clay. Then apply the paste obtained on the hair previously combed, the rhassoul will be eliminated more easily. Apply the mask to the roots of the hair so that it absorbs excess sebum. Finish with the ends. Very lightly massage the scalp, then leave to act for a quarter of an hour. Rinse thoroughly while brushing hair to remove all clay residue


Dry hair
Dry hair suffers from a sebum deficit right from the root. They therefore lack the hydration that this natural and free treatment is supposed to provide to strengthen them in their length. Your goal will be to make up for this lack. If you have to treat the lengths as soon as the transition with moisturizing and nourishing treatments, you can apply Argan, olive, shea butter, sesame oil or a natural mixed for dry hair

Oily roots and dry ends
For those who do, you might be surprised, but there is no such thing as mixed hair. Or to be more exact: are not supposed to exist. This is because your scalp either produces too much sebum or it does not produce enough. The in-between is a paradox as only the petrochemical industry is capable of producing it (sulphates cause seborrhea but at the same time dry out the lengths that cannot benefit from the sebum because of the silicones ...). Anyway, if you are in this situation you will have to apply a method that is also mixed: Rhassoul  to detox your scalp and to space out the washes with natural shampoo, brushing and intense care mask with argan oil

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