This solid shampoo bar is THE best shampoo you'll ever use!

It's conditioning, hydrating, revitalizing, volumizing and super luxurious.

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Argan & Henna Shampoo Bar

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It's a great natural shampoo for limp, lifeless and dull hair.
It's easy, practical, fun, economical and ecological to use everyday, even when you're travelling.


  • HENNA POWDER is a natural deep conditioner that coats the hair shaft, seals in moisture and natural oils, tightens the cuticle, enhances body, adds loads of shine and makes hair silky soft.Your hair will be smoother, with less tangling. It will be stronger, more resilient and light will be better reflected creating a vibrant shine. Henna also softens highly textured, coarse curly hair and is naturally antifungal and antibacterial which may help with dandruff, scaly scalp and excess shedding.
  • ARGAN OIL is amazing at getting rid of knots, stopping split ends and leaving hair super shiny and soft!!
  • BEESWAX stimulates hair growth and helps add volume to your hair while keeping it soft, shiny, and more manageable.
  • CASTOR BEAN OIL will leave your hair feeling smooth and soft.
  • SHEA, COCOA and MANGO BUTTERS will leave your hair silky, shiny, soft and revitalized.
  • COCONUT OIL is an emollient.
  • JOJOBA OIL makes hair shiny.

Rub between hands to create a lather, or directly onto hair. Massage into the hair and scalp then rinse clean. See? Could not be easier

And remember, if you are just transitioning off of shampoo, realize that your hair follicles struggle to over produce oils after each stripping of store-bought shampoo. Your scalp will need to “re-learn” how much oil to make, so you will go through a greasy period of 1-3 weeks. After your scalp adjusts, this soap works great.


Use 12 month after opening
All recyclable package
Curtly free
Plastic Free
Made in Canada

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Cleans my hair!
Great product!
Hi George, we're happy you like our product. Thanks for leaving such a good review ans useful feedback. When you order from Amazon, we don't have all your info. That's why it took us little longer to confirm your order, but we were happy to send your preferred shampoo within 24 hours.. We try really hard to get back to all our customers in a timely manner, as we grow, be assured we're putting in more resources into logistics. Best regards from all of us :)
Great product!